I had good reasons for not wanting to attempt another through-the-Bible reading plan.

1. I struggle with sitting still to read large hunks of text.

2. I would rather savor God’s Word than skim.

3. I bog down in places like Leviticus.

4. I feel overwhelmed if I get even a few days behind.

5. I was happy with the Bible study I was doing.

But then—I met Professor Horner. Not in person, but in the free YouVersion Bible App. I was skeptical when a friend told me about it. I assumed it would be like all the other plans I’ve tried, but it’s not.

Here are 7 reasons I absolutely love it.

1. I can listen. I have God’s Word read to me while I make coffee and start my day.

2. It’s designed for my short attention span. Instead of listening to one long passage, this plan has 10 different tracks every day—with just one chapter in each of the tracks.

3. Because I hear chapters from all the different types of literature in the Bible every day, I never bog in Leviticus. I love how the passages from different books often work together.

4. It only takes 250 days to listen through the whole Bible. I can miss over a hundred days and still make it during one calendar year.

5. I can choose the Bible version I want. Not all of the versions have someone to read to me. I am loving the NLT—both the version and the reader.

6. Being read to is not skimming or deep study. There’s a place for a run through the sprinkler, a place for a long soak bath. I find this plan more like a wonderful daily shower.

7. Because I listen while I do normal morning things, I have no trouble adding this on to the Bible study I am already doing.

Want to give Professor Horner a try?

1st—Download the Free YouVersion app.

2nd—Find Scripture reading plans. Use search feature to find Prof Horner’s Bible Reading System.

Select it and chose your version. If you want a version that reads to you, look for the audio icon.

To listen, click on YouVersion then click on Plans at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on plans takes you to this screen (below) where you can click on Start reading. If you are doing an audio plan, look for the play button near the bottom of the page of Scripture. (This buttons shows up once the daily passages download to your device.)

If you want to listen while you read, a line on the left side will help guide your eyes to the sentence you are hearing. Following along while you read is fabulous for focus. Beware of having someone listen and follow the words if they struggle with reading. Listening alone is a far better skill for someone who is still developing reading fluency.

I’m convinced that listing and/or reading clear through God’s Word is more do-able than you may have thought. I’m asking you to give Professor Horner’s plan a try. If you do, you will enjoy the benefits of a mind renewed by the power of God’s Word.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this plan or any other you are enjoying.

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