I love those times when I hear a message or find a passages in Scripture that strengthen my faith. The message of hope and courage takes hold. I start dreaming of all God could do in the situations that are close to my heart. I get crazy excited. I feel the anticipation of a roller coaster on that slow chug to the top of the massive first hill. 

Of course, once you top the rise on a roller coaster, you see the drop. Ready or not—down you go. And around, and up, and over, and back. The right kind of coaster can be fun, but the Fear-Coaster I’ve been riding is quite the opposite. 

Faith takes me up, but then I hear the voices in my head—

—You’re not getting enough done. There’s not enough money to make things happen.

—You research, but what is the right option? You’re not smart enough to figure this out.

—What if your health gives out again? You’re not strong enough to meet the challenge.

What started as faith comes crashing down with fear. I find myself trying NOT to get excited about what God may be up to because this ride ends up right back where I started. And it leaves me feeling emotionally whip-lashed. 

I described all this to my counselor last visit. As I talked, she sketched a roller coaster and wrote in key words that I was using. When I finished—over the top she wrote: SCARCITY & INADEQUACY.

I don’t like feeling there is never enough. That I’m not enough. My next question—How do I get over this scarcity mentality? 

She assured me that there is no “getting over” it. But I could “let God transform [me] into a new person by changing the way [I] think.” (Romans 12:2)

If anyone gave awards to those who have heard the most sermons on a passage—I think I would win for how many messages I’ve heard on Romans 12:1-2. After all those messages and time I’ve invested trying—my failure to renew my mind and be transformed seems to add proof of my inadequacy. 

My counselor assured me—“You ARE inadequate. But that’s nothing to worry about. Instead of thinking ME—you need to think WE.” She added, “God doesn’t believe in scarcity!”

Since Jesus rescued me and pulled me in to the family of the Trinity—I am no longer I but WE. Since God is going to supplying my needs just as He promised, my question needs to be—“God, where is my provision?” The only way to know where He is providing is to listen to Him. 

My counselor explained—Christ is like the quarter back calling the play. I have to listen and move so that I, His receiver, will be in position to catch the ball. Christ has to call the play because He is the one who sees the whole field and knows what He is doing in all the players lives. All I have to do is listen and move based on what He tells me.

The metaphor opened up my eyes in a new way to another verse I’ve known my whole life. 

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart.

Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go.

He is the One who will keep you on track.”  (Proverbs 3:5-6 The Message)

I have decades of proof that I’m a marvelous listener. I’ve just invested too much time listening to the audio tracks of scarcity and inadequacy. 

My trust will deepen as I listen to God’s voice. I don’t have to ride the fear roller coaster. He has a far better track. 

What about you? What is God using to help you tune out the noise of scarcity and inadequacy and tune in to His voice?

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