If you or your children are ready for an astoundingly good read or listen—consider diving into the world of toothy cows and wild Stranders.

When I first started Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga, I was pulled into the danger and adventure. Once I began, I knew I would read every book in the series. Andrew made me care deeply about the Jewels of Anniera—so deeply I’ve now listened to most of the series twice.

My first time through—when I finished reading the last page of the last book—I found myself sobbing. I wasn’t grieving over having come to the end. I was worshiping because my eyes had been opened as never before to aspects of what Christ did for me when He died for me. The book is not an allegory. It’s a powerful adventure that—like Narnia—opens your heart to Truth in ways that are transformational.

You’ll want to start with On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.

Move from there to North or Be Eaten

and then to the Monster in the Hollows.

Finish off with The Warden and the Wolf King—which was (justifiably) named World Magazine’s 2014 Children’s Book for the Year.

After you finish—if you find yourself longing, as I do, to step back into the story, look for the short story collection called Wingfeather Tales (unfortunately they are not yet available on audio).

Also, Pembrick’s Creaturepedia: Skreean Edition is available on Kindle.

You may also enjoy exploring the series website and finding out more about the upcoming animated film.

Is this a series you already have read and love? Is this the first time you are hearing about this world of Wingfeather? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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