When a friend told me about the Wilderking Trilogy, I didn’t dive in right away. Little did I know what I was missing. In my defense—back then, the books were not on audio. Now that they are, I have heard them all and bought print copies.

Jonathan Rodgers gives you high adventure in an imaginative world that feels like someplace you’ve lived or visited. That’s especially true if you’ve lived or visited Georgia or Florida.

I was fascinated by the way he combines the fanciful with the familiar in his characters, setting, and plot. While listening the first time through I was lost in the adventure and humor. Looking back, I realized his stories pull together elements that remind me of Tom Sawyer, Narnia, and the Bible. While that sounds like a bizzare combination—he pulls it off masterfully.

While I often find books for children and teens to have great insights, there are lines from the Wilderking Trilogy that spoke to me in profound ways. I now remind myself often to “live the life that unfolds before you” and to “love goodness more than you fear evil.”

I picked up a copy of The Charlatan’s Boy, which is actually a prequel to the Wilderking Trilogy. It’s not on audio yet, but I’m looking forward to reading it.

The actual series begins with The Bark of the Bog Owl

After that, look for The Secret of the Swamp King

Last in the trilogy is The Way of the Wilderking

I had the privilege of taking a writing workshop with Jonathan and was intrigued to find out the influences behind his writing. I’m not surprised at his ability to create worlds that authentically present a Biblical worldview given the influence C.S. Lewis has had in his life. Jonathan’s book—The World According to Narnia, opened my eyes to much I had missed on my many travels through Lewis’s books. I highly recommend his Narnia book as well.

If you give Jonathan Rodger’s books a try, I’m guessing you—like me—will be looking forward to whatever he writes next. I would love to know what stands out to you when you give The Wilderking Trilogy a read.

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