Often at Christmas I marvel at Mary’s response to what the angel told her, but this year I keep pondering Joseph.

I like that Joseph was honorable and didn’t want to publicly shame Mary when he found out she was pregnant. But what blows me away is Joseph’s instant obedience. Every time he got instructions from an angel in a dream—he immediately obeyed.

Maybe Joseph grew up thinking about another person with his same name–Joseph of long-ago Egypt. That Joseph—let’s call him Joseph 1—was mocked for being a dreamer. Yet, his dreams came true–despite being trafficked internationally, thrown into prison, and forgotten by the very one he helped. Joseph 1 kept believing and obeying no matter the consequences. Joseph 1 lived a life that showed off God’s incredibly ability to make good on every dream He gave.

Perhaps Joseph 2 could respond with instant action to the angel in his dreams because his view of God was shaped by knowing the outcome of the obedience of Joseph 1.

Maybe the false accusations of sexual misconduct that Joseph 1 lived through helped Joseph 2 bear up under the false accusations of sexual impropriety that likely came his way when Mary showed up pregnant before they were married.

Joseph 1 had no idea his obedience might impact Joseph 2. Joseph 1 & 2 had no way of knowing how their obedience would impact us. For many, however, the obedience of Joseph 1 & 2 has no impact at all.
Impact only comes as someone teaches us about the lives of people in the Bible. It’s not enough to know a few facts. Success comes only through meditating on (thinking about) who God is in light of how He has worked in the past so we know what He is like in our present.

Moses, the one God used to write about the life of Joseph 1, wanted the next generation to hear about God’s commands from their parents at home, on the road, at bed time, and in the morning. That takes intentionally. Likely, Joseph 2 had parents who followed what Moses instructed.

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