I didn’t just crack the face of my cell phone last week—I pulverized it. Actually, the brick step I dropped it on was the real culprit. At the time, I shrugged it off. Accidents happen. This is part of life on a planet with gravity. 

My initial response of acceptance changed the next morning when I attempted to get the phone repaired. My phone protection plan had expired—of course. What began as a hassle quickly escalated into a big expense. That piled onto other big expenses. My car was already scheduled for a return trip to the mechanic. Focusing on the mounting needs sent me into a downward spiral where my self-talked joined in with the enemy of my soul. A simple cracked phone face landed me in a day of despair. 

Somewhere in the middle of that day I sensed God wanted me to just wait. Other than the broken camera and shattered face, the phone was useable. Specifically, I believed God wanted me to wait until the next time I met with my community group from church. 

The afternoon before my group met, the CFO of the company I head up asked if I ever think of God as the Top Management for Learning Lifeguard, LLC. While God is infinitely more than the head of this company, I look to Him as Owner and Manager. My CFO encouraged me just ask Top Management for a new phone. So, I did.

About an hour later when my community group met, someone gave me a phone he was no longer using. Someone else donated time and skill to help transfer the data. Days later—as I was still rejoicing—God used two others in my community group to provide—for free—a wonderful, new-to-me vehicle. Talk about beyond what we can ask or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20) 

Recently I had thought of myself as the prodigal son. Last week’s helplessness once again sent me running—like the prodigal—right to my Father. While the Father gave his younger son a robe, ring, dinner, and shoes; the Father gave me a cell phone and transportation. Such tangible reminders of God’s love and care remind me to trust Him and enjoy life with Him. 

When I recounted these miracles to a friend who lives half a world away, she responded—“Wow. Helplessness as His opportunity. Beautiful.”

Exactly one week after dropping my phone, a much bigger financial challenge arrived. On a scale of 1 to 10, the phone was a one. The new challenge? More like a 200. Actually, the new challenge has me excited. After all—the greater my helplessness—the greater is God’s opportunity to show Himself strong. More need = more glory. 

Where has God brought beauty to your brokenness? Where has your helplessness given God an opportunity? What challenge has you desperate and running to God? 

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