Growing up in the desert in Southern California was such a gift from God. One way that gift keeps on giving is how deeply I enjoy every season change where I live now. I love the beauty of the desert, but also love variety of the seasons in the south.

Since Day 4 of creation, our planet has had its normal 4 seasons each year. If I had to pick a favorite, Summer would win. I am not a fan of the hard cold of winter. It’s easy to forget that winter is really just prelude. The stick trees are grey and empty. They look dead—but looks are deceiving. Winter, down deep, is just splendor-preparation time.

What season are you in—not according to the calendar—but in life? A season of sleeplessness with a newborn? A season of grief when someone you love has died or forever changed? A season of transition where you feel both loss and anticipation? A season of caregiving that has you serving and grieving day and night? A season when the pressure and pace will not let up? A season of loneliness that has you feeling empty?

The season of life you are in right now may feel as unending as a Minnesota winter. It’s easy to believe that things will never change, joy will not return, spring is not coming. Don’t you believe it.

Sometimes those I work with tell me, “This is hard!” These precious ones become accustomed to what I will say next—because I say the same thing every time. “We do hard because Jesus did hard for us.”

I have to remind myself of this often. Jesus took on a season of submission and humiliation that ended in betrayal, abandonment, and brutal death. He did the ultimate hard of dying on the cross and taking our sins. That hard season lead to the defeat of death—and all the heartbreak that goes with it. The devastating and painful will not prevail. Each season of spring is a reminder that God’s lavish outpouring will be all out of proportion to what we endure.


Let the riot of blooms God lavishes on tree after tree after tree remind you that—

1—Winter is not useless.

Deep in the heart of every grey, barren tree a world of God-designed activity is going on—preparing for the beauty that is to come.

2—God is not stingy.

He doesn’t give a few scattered blooms. He loads up the branches with excessive blooms that we and the bees enjoy.

3—Spring is coming!


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