Esther Wilkison


Not sure where you are in your journey, but I am delighted to connect with you and cheer you on.

My name is Esther Grace. Sort of an antique name, I know. But I like being named for an orphan who became a queen in the Medo-Persian empire long, long ago. God gave Esther grace and a position of influence to be the voice of thousands who would have died if someone had not spoken up on their behalf. Her bravery defeated the ISIS of her day. I want to follow her example of using influence to help others.

My last name is Wilkison. I know. It looks like it’s misspelled. Actually, a letter was left out on a marriage certificate years back. Makes me smile to think of that long-ago relative who, like me, struggled with spelling.

Why write about learning? It is a theme that dominates my personal adventure. I’ve had the privilege the last decade of traveling the United States (and a few other countries) talking to thousands of teachers and parents about learning. I’ve discovered that what you learn and what you believe about learning can radically change how you think and live.

Wherever your journey is taking you, there are things we can learn from each other along the way. I’m eager to share what I’m learning. Please sign up! We can learn better together.

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