It was full dark when I left home. By the time I drove out of town, the world was pre-dawn grey. As the sun topped the mountains, the growing light turned the world around me full-color beautiful. 

The brilliance of the sunrise fueled my hope as I drove towards another job interview. I imagined all the opportunities to love and serve (and pay bills) that this job might provide. And if this fell through? There was another job interview the next day.  

Getting my hopes up tends to be my default setting. My inner-fiction-writer can get delusionally optimistic when I face new opportunities. I was curious, however. Was my hope in the Lord? Or was my hope in the job He might be providing? God clarified that for me when both job options fell through.

Disappointed? Yes. As I was for all the other job options that have fallen through in recent months.

Devastated? No. Because God reminded me that, way back at the beginning, He created the moon and stars to rule the night. In the dark times, talking beavers and barefoot hobbits go about their business as steady and reflective as the moon and stars. Stories, like stars, remind us that good is not only coming in the morning but is already at work ruling the darkness around us.

Of course, the enemy tried his best to make me doubt my worth and wallow in the pain of rejection. But that didn’t work as well for him this time. I was too full of stories. Just 48 hours before I got the call saying someone else was chosen for the job I wanted, I was in a workshop listening to new friends tell me the ways that they have watched stories build hope and hope build courage.  

In the stories God shares with us, the apparent dead-end turns out to be the launching pad for the next chapter of the adventure. I want to live the kind of story that only succeeds if God makes it work. God seems to be giving me that opportunity. Based on how He operates, I believe this long string of NOs to a job is a very loud YES to finishing the book I’m writing called Overcome Overwhelm.

I started writing because so many of those who heard me speak on this topic came to me asking for a book. The workshop felt like a sample at the end of the Costco aisle. They needed more than inspiration for lasting change. 

I’m convinced that overcoming overwhelm takes far more than self-help tips and life-hacks. We need God’s Spirit to transform us, empower us, and teach us the skills that will enable us to ride the waves of life instead of getting pummeled by them. 

I’m asking—will you please pray for me? Please pray I will have God’s wisdom, clarity, and humor as I finish writing and re-writing. Ask God to provide all that is needed to get this book into print and audio. If you will join me in prayer, you will have a part in helping free others from the creativity-crippling, soul-crushing effects of overwhelm. God only knows how many hope-giving stories will come as He liberates us from overwhelm.

If God puts this on your heart, please let me know you are praying. Thank you. 


  1. Carol Michaels

    Continuing to pray for you, Cousin.

  2. Kati

    I will pray

  3. Linda Smith

    Praying in AZ! I already have two or three people in mind who could benefit from “Overcoming Overwhelm”. Please keep us posted on your progress!

    • Esther Wilkison

      Thank you, Linda! This is such an encouragement.

  4. Susan

    Absolutely praying for you, Esther! This is most excellent news — God bless you as you go forward with completing this book project! <3

    • Esther Wilkison

      Thank you, Susan. I appreciate your letting me know. I need God’s blessing–for sure!

  5. Howard. and Peg

    Hi, Esther, this is JESUS. So many prayers on your behalf. Just wanted you to know we, my Father and I, have something in mind. Continue to trust and obey, Lovingly yours, I AM!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow! What an encouragement.

      Thank you!!!

  6. Elaine Carter

    Praying, Esther! May your insight and words bless many souls!

    • Esther Wilkison

      Thank you, Elaine.

  7. Anonymous

    I’d pre-order and pay for an autographed copy. I’ll be praying as well. My mom calls me every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 6:00 am and we pray together. I will add it to our list. Love you, friend.

    • Esther Wilkison

      Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. This means so much!


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