I rolled down the window to take in the fresh, salty air. The wind tangled my hair until I slowed to turn into the parking area at Moonlight Beach. 

There was plenty of parking since it was early and the morning marine layer had not burned off yet.  Beach bag in hand, I crossed the grassy picnic area to get to the restrooms. I thought it would be a quick stop.  However, the door handle broke off in my hand—leaving me locked inside. 

As soon as I realized I was trapped, I started to laugh. “God,” I prayed, how in the world do You plan to get me out of this one?

Tentatively, at first, I began to call out. Hello? Excuse me. Is anyone around? I need help. Im locked in the bathroom. The door broke.” 

I heard nothing, so I called again. And again.

Eventually, some men who were taking care of the grounds heard me. They tried the door but there was nothing they could do on their side. I asked them to pass a screwdriver under the edge where the door didnt quite meet the floor so I could take the doorknob off. 

At first, I didnt think my plan had worked. Once the doorknob was removed, the door was still stuck fast. “Stand back,” I shouted.

One hard kick slammed the door back against the outside wall. I stepped free from my captivity into the circle of the 8 or 10 men who had come to my rescue. I thanked them profusely, returned their screwdriver, and walked towards the beach. 

While beach bathroom rescue is not quite in the same category as the tests of faith listed in Hebrews 11, I think it still qualifies. Faith is what gives us the ability to laugh at how stuck we are in the moment because we know that what we face is really no challenge for God. 

When have you seen Gods grace at work giving laughter instead of panic or tears?

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