Today’s Christian School teachers face unique challenges as they work to reach the next generation for Christ. They need help from Convention and In-service speakers who understand their needs and can give Biblical hope and workable solutions. Contact Esther, who will share unchanging Truth and fresh insights into the most effective ways to help today’s students.

Homeschool Co-ops and Conventions are blessed with many voices to choose from when it comes to passionate speakers. Contact Esther if you want an experienced speaker who

  • Gives hope
  • Helps parents influence their children to think from a Biblical worldview
  • Provides a refreshing new perspective on learning and discipleship

Retreats and conventions are an ideal place for women to come together to renew hope, strengthen faith, and restore souls. Contact Esther, who will share God’s Word in a way women can apply personally and use to disciple others.


“Awesome leader–so tuned in to where teachers are and what we deal with when we have a student that learns differently.”

“Excellent! I loved her ideas and enthusiasm.”

“Fresh, innovative.” 

“Excellent! This convicted me of how I’ve been teaching reading and really changed my perspective.” 

“Awesome!! Wish I had gone to ALL of her classes!”

“Wonderful presenter. Made me look at nonstandard learners in a new way.” 

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